You are currently viewing Samsung Innovation Campus  celebrated the graduation of its second cohort of students on June 10

Samsung Innovation Campus, a technology-based educational IT programme by Samsung Electronics with its Armenian campus at the international school UWC Dilijan, celebrates the graduation of its second cohort of students. A class of 50 youngsters from Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanаdzor and other communities of Armenia have successfully completed the training course and presented their individual projects — mobile applications on the Android OS.

The participants of Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) have passed a 9-month project-based course, divided into 5 modules:
  • Fundamentals of Java programming language
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Fundamentals of Android Application Programming
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Fundamentals of mobile application server side development
After completing the course, the students presented their individual projects, which they have developed using the knowledge and skills acquired at SIC, as their final test for certification. The projects were presented to an evaluation panel consisting of Samsung-certified instructors, educators in the field of computer science and tech industry representatives.
“We are honoured to have Samsung as a partner for this pioneering initiative. A lot of work has been done to deliver the results and achieve success. We are proud that our cooperation with Samsung opened a new page in UWC Dilijan’s capacity to contribute to the development of Armenia.” Arman Jilavian, Member of the UWC Dilijan Board of Governors
“We strongly believe in the potential of future generations. And in our company, social contribution to the education of young people is of great importance. Samsung Innovation Campus helps young people from all over the world master the most innovative IT technologies and successfully unleash their talents and future potential. We are proud of our partnership with UWC Dilijan College. Thanks to the strong support from the leadership of UWC Dilijan and Samsung Innovation Campus Armenia team of the development of our joint project, the programme at UWC Dilijan demonstrates impressive results confirmed by the high level of the projects developed by the talented graduates. Our warmest congratulations to all the young developers on successful completion of Samsung Innovation Campus program.” Sergey Pevnev, Vice-President at Samsung Electronics CIS RHQ.
UWC Dilijan and Samsung Electronics, a world leading technological company, have established Samsung Innovation Campus in Dilijan, Armenia in 2021. The initiative is aimed at making a contribution to Armenia by enabling Armenian youth to develop their IT skills and learn the concepts related to Android mobile programming.
Samsung Electronics operates various technology-based education programmes to nurture young talent that is capable of leading society in the future. One of these programmes is Samsung Innovation Campus which at UWC Dilijan is built around the delivery, over the next three years, of a combination of online sessions and in-person training for 100 children annually. The initiative focuses on 14-16 year-old Armenian children. Samsung Electronics has equipped the facility with the state-of-the-art technology, including 25 computer stations, smart boards and other devices essential for the delivery of the Samsung Innovation Campus programme in Armenia.