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On 29 October Mr. DH Kim, President & CEO of Samsung Electronics CIS RHQ and Mr. Gabriel Ernesto Abad Fernández, Head of UWC Dilijan College, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the establishment of the Samsung Innovation Campus in Armenia. Based at UWC Dilijan College, the goal of the Samsung Innovation Campus is to contribute to the development of Armenia by equipping young people, through education, with skills that will not only improve their digital literacy, learning abilities, creativity and imagination, but also enable conditions for their future interest in information technology, crucial for the country to unlock its potential. The launch of the Samsung Innovation Campus is scheduled for early 2022. The initiative will focus on developing digital skills of 14-16 year-old Armenian children and will include the programme of activities built around the delivery, over the next three years, of a combination of online sessions and in-person boot camps for 100 children annually. Signing of the MOU signifies the commitment of both organisations to contribute to the development of Armenia

UWC Dilijan and Samsung Electronics, a world leading technological company, have signed an agreement to launch Samsung Innovation Campus in Dilijan, Armenia. The initiative is aimed at making a contribution to Armenia by enabling Armenian youth to develop their IT skills and learn the concepts related to Mobile Programming.

Please watch the video of the signing ceremony.

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